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The following experience and qualifications are what we are looking for in candidates: 1) Working with youth / mentorship 2) knowledge of the design process 3) community-oriented projects 4) project management skills 5) 2D & 3D Design software proficiency
Please send relevant examples of work and descriptions to info@thrivecenter.org or paste your website information below
Check here if you are sending work via email
Please Provide two references that can speak to your creative practice and ability to be an active member of a community. Written recommendations are not required.
Please send a resume to info@thrivecenter.org

designer in residence "Design mentor"


Application Due Date
April 1, 2020

Start of work - July 29, 2019
Residency Complete - May 29, 2020

Once your application is completed, please send examples of work & a resume to info@thrivecenter.org.

We suggest typing your answers in Microsoft Word and then pasting them into our form to avoid losing information due to bad internet connections.