Spring 2018

Helena Adventure Company Design Apprenticeship

monday - friday | 1pm - 3pm

The Helena Adventure Company (HAC) exists to let the world know about the incredible outdoor opportunities of Helena, Arkansas and the Arkansas Delta on the Mississippi River. Helena, perched on the geographic anomaly of Crowley's Ridge, offers every type of outdoor adventure from hiking, boating, and swimming to music festivals and amazing food.

20 students from area schools will collaborate with Thrive design staff during the 2019 Spring semester to create solutions for the Helena Adventure Company (HAC).

In a student-led environment, teams of students will create everything from promotional T Shirts to 3D scans of environments to be posted on the HAC website. Teams will learn and utilize current technologies to promote Helena–such as 3D printing, augmented reality, graphic design, game design, robotics and more.

Skills developed throughout the process will include project management, soft skill/professionalism, business and an understanding of the design process.

Throughout the semester we’ll go on multiple field trips, speak with community partners and learn the design process while helping our community!



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