Our inaugural arts residency begins Wednesday, July 6, 2016 and ends friday December 16, 2016

Applications are due June 10, 2016.

Once your application is completed, please send examples of work & a resume to info@thrivecenter.org.
We suggest typing your answers in Microsoft Word and then pasting them into our form to avoid losing
information due to bad internet connections. 

Contact Information
Name *
Phone *
Address *
Artist Information
If you have a website, we'd love to see it! Or if you have work posted online, please let us know.
Please Provide two references that can speak to your artistic practice and ability to be an active member of a community. Written recommendations are not required.
Studio Needs
The Thrive Arts Residency has 24/7 access to the Thrive Center wood shop & screen printing press; however, through our partnership with the Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas, extra resources such as equipment and rooms will be available if necessary.