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Your kids will be instilled with skills of community leadership, innovation and creativity!

Working in collaboration with Thrive Staff, students from a diverse mix of educational communities design mural projects within the Phillips County area and also create exhibit design projects for the Warfield Concert Series. Projects for the Warfield Concert Series include social media photo opportunities for visitors, and the design of other visual aids created to enhance the experience of a Warfield visitor. The Phillips County based mural projects are inspired by the work of Public Color, a NYC based non-profit that paints vibrant color-field murals on previously blighted urban landscapes.

The Thrive Center, located at 415 Ohio Street in historic downtown Helena, Arkansas, is a new asset to the Helena area and to the services that Thrive provides to the East Arkansas community. The arrival of the Thrive Center expands Thrive’s ability to provide creative industry skills to area students like never before, opening up access to new career paths. The Thrive Center is staffed by knowledgeable industry professionals and is equipped with a wood shop, paint shop, screen printing shop, computer lab with graphic design software, audio/visual equipment, VR/AR equipment and a 3-D printer. Thrive’s After School Design Apprenticeship program is planned to reinforce concepts that are taught within school and are aligned with Arkansas Departments of Education standards. During these workshops, Thrive professionals will assist students as they take time to maintain a reflective journal documenting what they have learned while utilizing new vocabulary words. Staff will also address fundamental elements of mathematics throughout the workshops including taking measurements and using division, addition and subtraction to determine design layouts.

Design Workshops at the Boys & Girls Club of Phillips County

Operated by Interns of The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Thrive operates a one-month series of design workshops for high school children at the Boys and Girls Club of Phillips County.

This camp is offered from 1pm to 3pm in the afternoon, on M,W,F during the month of June.

During these workshops the principles and fundamentals of design are covered through fun and engaging analogue methods!

2019-2020 Design After School Workshop Dates

Each Workshop will be held from 3:30 PM-5:30 PM during the dates listed below.

1. Warfield Concerts: Artrageous | September 16-19

2. Public Color Painting | October 21-25

3. Mural Painting | November 18-22

4. Warfield Concerts: Christmas Show | December 16-20

5. Warfield Concerts: Janice Joplin | January 13-16

6. Warfield Concerts: Sheena Easton | March 30-April 2

7. Warfield Concerts: Outdoor Show | April 29-May 1

8. Mural Painting | May 11-15

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