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Design Mentorship Residency

If you are wondering if there’s more to your life in Graphic Design – we’re here to tell you there IS! We firmly believe and see results that prove graphic designers can transform economically depressed rural cities. Who says we can’t be leaders? At Thrive, we train high school students in the design process and then go out into our community and design project that enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors. In the process, we’re exposing students to a career paths that can potentially break the cycle of poverty for a family or light a fire for the “creative” kid which makes can give a greater purpose to their overall education. This strategy of teaching design and leadership through community service learning is one that will bring students back to their home communities after college. In the meantime, as our communities begin to prosper through the vitality that our public projects have birthed, we will attract new, young creative adults to consider places like Helena, Arkansas as a great place to call home. Check out the job description to see how you’ll do it.

You’ll create design work in our 15,000 sqft office and maker space in historic downtown Helena, Arkansas!